How to Strike a Balance Between Electronics and Exercise

Sedentary lifestyles are contributing to the current epidemic of obesity. Video games, social media, chat rooms, and access to several hundred television and movie channels consume spare time. Riding mowers, automated drones, electric scooters, and even electric cars for toddlers requires zero movement.

There is nothing wrong with playing video games, watching a movie, or using an electric scooter to get to the corner store or to school. The problem begins when moderation is non-existent. Video games for an hour or two can be relaxing, improve hand-eye coordination, and release stress and tension. Playing all day long is bordering on pathetic.

A Balance

Technology is amazing and provides many advantages and conveniences to the population. Education in remote areas, connecting with people from different countries and cultures, and discovering the many wonders of the planet expands horizons, opens minds, and explores opportunities for improvement and enhancement. Electronics definitely have an essential function in life today. When technology and electronics begin to impede health and interfere with exercise, it is time to re-evaluate how things are done in your day.

An Example

A scooter is a fun, convenient, economical, and sustainable mode of transportation. For children and adults who participate in other forms of exercise besides walking, an electric is ideal. People interested in riding scooters can read more about it online.

If it replaces the only form of daily exercise, it is part of the problem. Walking to school, work, or to other close locations boosts the immune system, improves circulation, and enhances lung capacity. It also helps regulate blood sugar and stabilize weight.

Tips for Moderation

Changing habits can be difficult at first because continuing a lifestyle takes less effort than adopting a new one. Start off by limiting the time spent in front of a screen. Watch one movie or episode of a show instead of binge watching several at once. Play the latest video game for one hour and then turn it off. It will still be available tomorrow.

Exercise at regular intervals. Take a walk three days a week if not used to any type of exercise. Plant a garden, use a push mower for at least one section of the lawn. Little by little increase the pace, frequency, and challenge of the activity. After moving the body and getting blood pumping, go back inside and play that video game.