Tips to Selling Your Investment Chalet

The first thing you want to do is identify a number of professional estate agents that operate in the area you are thinking of selling. They should provide extensive industry experience and sound property knowledge of the location. Looking at each of the agents you have selected, identify their marketing strategies. Where do they advertise? How do they advertise? Do they focus on an international market to expose your property to the widest selection of potential buyers?

Once you have the agents you want to use in mind, you are going to want to clean up your chalet, this means inside and out. First impressions count, so work on the exterior first, do basic maintenance that may be needed to give your property the street appeal that it needs to make it a draw card for prospective buyers. When it comes to the inside, a lick of paint on tired walls to give them new life and doing basic repairs, such as a leaking tap can go a long way. Ensure you keep the place neat and tidy so that buyers can view at any time with your agent.

Be realistic with your pricing. Of course you want to get the best return on your investment, but at the same time, you want to also ensure your chalet isn’t for sale for years on end you want to sell as quickly as possible. Get a number of valuations from various experienced agents in the area and discuss the sales prices that they would recommend to ensure you sell without delay and make your property appealing to numerous buyers. The agents should be able to provide you with a current valuation based on the current market and properties similar to yours that has recently sold. You can use this information to come to a realistic price with some room for negotiation.

From here you want to do some homework of your own to identify the competition. This is other chalets of the same quality that are being sold in the local area. You can identify what they have to offer that your property doesn’t have or what you have that they don’t have, you can also compare selling prices. If the competitor chalet sells, take note of how long it was on the market and the selling price, discuss this with your agent to identify if you are still o the right track or if you need to look at lowering your price to achieve a speedy sale.

De-clutter the chalet for sale before showing it to prospective buyers. When you spend time at the property or use it as a holiday home, you probably have your own personal belongings, children toys and more in each of the rooms. Do a thorough clean out, make the place look neat and pack any clutter away to make the property look more spacious and welcoming.

Always listen to the advice of your agent Remember you have selected them due to their experience and knowledge, so take the time and listen to what they have to say and take their advice on board to increase your chances of selling as close to the asking price as possible.